San Ramon
Umpires Association

Welcome to the San Ramon Umpires Association

Registration for the 2020 season is now open!!!

Follow the instructions on how to download, fill out the application, and
mail the application to the address on the top of the form.

Umpire Application Form
To download the SRUA Umpire Application Form  CLICK HERE

Navigating our Website
A brief description of what is available on our website:

Clinics and Classes

Field Mechanics Clinics

All first year umpires are required to attend a Field Mechanics Clinic.  This clinic
is done on the Ball Field, and goes over the needed fundamentals of how to
umpire a game.
You cannot be a beginning umpire for SRUA unless you attend
a Field Mechanics Clinic.

Arbiter Info
This has all the information on how to self assign games using our on-line
scheduling software called
The Arbiter.

For the instructions on how to register for RefPay, start with the instructions
which are on your welcome page in the Arbiter.  You may get a warning when
you click on the instructions.  You will want to continue to the website as the
website is perfectly safe. Once you have setup your account, you will need to
read the following document.  
CLICK HERE to open the document.

Rules and Clinics
Our quizzes and rules page that you will need to review in order to start
umpiring as a 1st year umpire or move up to a higher division of umpiring.

Field Mechanics
Here you will find what will be taught in our Beginning Field Mechanics Clinic,  
Intermediate Clinic.  Also, the Strike Zone theory is reviewed which is a MUST
READ for all umpires.

House Rules
The House Rules for CCLL and SRLL.

FAQ/Pay Rates
Frequently asked questions about umpiring for SRUA, our pay rates for the
coming season, and the proper umpiring attire.

SRUA Policies
Our procedures for how to handle canceling your games, not showing to your
game without notifying the scheduler, and how to handle rain-outs. If you wish
to umpire for SRUA you will need to know these policies.

Game Management
How to handle situations with Managers, and game situations.

Email SRUA
If you have any questions about umpiring for SRUA.